Road Ramps

Thank you for the opportunity to present the DTC water upgrade road ramp.

DTC prides itself on professionalism, reliability, quality products and service.

We believe the road ramp is the most practical and professional solution on the market.

  • The road ramp is durable, lightweight, flexible and practical.
  • The two holes on the end reflectors allow for joining of the 2 ramps.
  • The 3 holes on the end and middle of the ramp allow for fixing to ground surface.
  • The ramp is highly visible and also includes reflectors.
  • It provides a neat, professional and aesthetically pleasing temporary solution during works.
  • Its flexibility and versatility allows it to form to uneven surfaces.


Green Hire Ramp Options

  • Green Hire Ramp Model¬† ( Very affordable option )
  • Set your project up to look professional immediately
  • Short term & Long term options available.
  • The mould can be modified to include your unique company branding.

We would love the opportunity to discuss any queries you may have regarding our product so feel free to contact Nik Skolarikis on any of the contact details provided.

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